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Monday Press Lunch: Week 11 @ Ole Miss

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Sorry for the delay

Starts at the 15 minute mark

Kind of a let down after last week's off the wall antics. In fact, it's a really sedate press conference, and that has me a little worried. Les dismisses the rumors of Lee being benched for disciplinary reasons, but who really knows if it's true. Same standard answer about using both QBs as needed going forward. Miles admits that it was the plan to use Mettenberger some, but the slow start prevented him from getting in. As far as injuries, RB Spencer Ware was "nicked" early in the game and held out, though Les think he could have played if needed. The same goes for LB Karnell Hatcher , OG Josh Williford and DE Kendrick Adams. All were expected to not miss practice.

And that's about it.



LSU Release [PDF]

Ole Miss Release [PDF]

SEC Release [PDF]

Houston Nutt's Press Conference (Sorry, they don't allow embedding)


No. 1 LSU 10-0 for First Time Since 1958

SEC Names TV Games For November 25 And 26th



Player Interviews after the break


WR Rueben Randle



S Brandon Taylor



RB Alfred Blue



CB Tyrann Mathieu