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Link Gumbo 11/2/11

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Tons of ESPN coverage yesterday as they oddly hype up a game that they are not airing. Facts learned yesterday: Brad Wing does not know this "Bear" you speak of; Barkevious Mingo would not spend $10K on a date with Kim Kardashian; The O-line is a bunch of NEERRRRRDS.

Good stuff from the Roll Bama Roll folks this week, including a look at the series history and how crazy the tickets have gotten.

Plenty of award semi-finalist news this week as Brad Wing was named to the Ray Guy list and Mo Claiborne was named to the Thorpe Award list (How did Mathieu not make the list for top DB award?)

Former ESPN scribe Pat Forde is over at Yahoo now and this week put out an APB for 70's RB Charles Alexander. I think i've seen him in a few promotional LSU bits this season (and the Ole War Skule movie) but does anyone know what he does for a living?

LSU Baseball is at the beginning of the end of their Fall practice schedule with Purple taking Game One of the intra-squad series 6-1. No homers by either team and Gausman and Eades looked respectable in their starting roles. The series continues through the rest of the week and is open to the public.

Speaking of Baseball, St. Louis Cardinal Ryan Theriot becomes the 10th former LSU player to win a world series ring and just the 3rd to win both a World Series and CWS Championship.

When plain old roses just won't cut it.

Wanna win two tickets to the Bama game? Can you win a dance-off? The giveaway is tonight at the WBB exhibition game against Xavier of NOLA in the PMAC. If you can't make it, the game is streaming LIVE for free in the Geaux Zone tonight.

Those of you travelling should know that The BR Advocate will be available in a few locations around Tuscaloosa on Saturday.

ESPN is behind all this conference realignment mess? Ya don't say!

Here's your second great Houston Nutt picture of the week.

Which one of these three names has been mentioned in the Tulane coaching search?:  Former Boston College HC Jeff Jagodzinski, Former Texas Tech HC Mike Leach, or Former Michigan HC and Rich Rodriguez. Trick question, ALL THREE!

After the break, more player interviews

WR Rueben Randle



LB Ryan Baker



DT Michael Brockers



RB Michael Ford