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The Morning After: LSU 52, Ole Miss 3

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First off, I'm at our top secret location in West Texas, so my internet connection is spotty at best.  I apologize for being late with the after game review -- the cows knocked out our internet.  No, I'm not kidding.  And there was a small matter of dealing with a rattlesnake under the porch.  So my postgame activities precluded me from writing the wrapup.  My apologies.

What can you really say about that game?  While the rest of the college football world decided to implode this weekend, LSU went out and didn't just take care of business, they took care of other people's business as well.  That was about the worst ass kicking of a rival you will ever see.  LSU covered a 28.5 point spread.  By the half.

For some reason, lazy journalists in the mainstream media have been talking about how LSU doesn't have an offense, because LSU played one defensive struggle against the best defensive team in the country (which they won, by the way).  It's like LSU hasn't played ten other games -- and cleared 30 points in 9 of them.  

Apparently, the no offense thing stuck in somebody's craw, as LSU went out and hung half a century on Ole Miss.  Yes, Ole Miss stinks, but 50 points is 50 points.  And let's face it, it could've been worse.   

This game will probably be forever remembered for Les Miles putting in the victory formation for four consecutive downs while on the one yard line.  With five minutes left to play.  I don't think that's easing up on the gas, I think that's rubbing Ole Miss' face in it even more.  Which, let's face it, no LSU fans are gonna complain about.  We're all about humiliating Ole Miss. I spent the last five minutes of the game gut laughing like I was watching George Carlin.

I also loved Les Miles' commitment to getting James Stampley a touchdown late in the game.  He called three straight fullback dives, including one on fourth down, just to give Stampley the chance to finally score.  It was a just reward for a former walkon who has given his all to the program.  It's no secret around these parts I'm a huge fan of Stampley.  He's not our best player by any stretch of the imagination, but he's got tons of heart and he has made the most of his opportunities.  College football is all about guys like that, and part of what makes the game so great.  His touchdown got the loudest cheer of the night in our house. He'll be able to tell his kids that he scored a touchdown for the purple and gold.  He's a true Tiger and I salute him.  

But, aside from getting the backups and walkons a chance to shine, this was a night about dominance.  If you were a title contender not in the SEC, you had a bad night.  Even teams which survived, like Stanford, didn't look all that great doing so.  LSU didn't just win, they won with authority.  LSU reminded everyone in the country just exactly who the #1 team in the nation is -- it's amazing some of y'all forgot.  

Now, bring on yet another huge game against yet another top five team.  Arkansas, like Ole Miss, has been a huge thorn in LSU's side over the past few years.  If LSU is to win the title this year, they will surely have earned it.