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Monday Press Lunch: Week 12 vs. Ar-Kansas

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Starts at the 14 minute mark.


Again, crazy week so I'll be brief. The injury news about Eric Reid and Craig Loston is the standard "they'll be back at practice today" though he does call Reid ""a little bit more questionable" than Loston. Given the way Les has described injury situations like this in the past, especially on a short week, I'd say there is a good chance Reid will not start.

Other than that there's not a lot here, comedy or otherwise. Les again confirms that Mettenberger's reverse to the 1 was not the called play and that he really had no other choice but to take the 4 knees. A media guy (I think the Times-Pic's Kleinpeter) complains about the QBs not being made available to the media lately and Miles essentially says "They're Busy." Overall, the Press seems to have given up on the whole "which QB is going to start" question. Finally there's a good bit towards the end where Miles talks about SR SN Joey Crappel, saying "He looks like a coach, one that's had a couple of tough seasons."


LSU Release [PDF]

Arkansas Release [PDF]

Mathieu Among Three Bednarik Award Finalists

Claiborne Named Thorpe Award Finalist

Brooks, Blackwell Grab SEC Weekly Honors


Player interviews after the break

OL Will Blackwell



RB Alfred Blue



S Brandon Taylor