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Initial Impressions: LSU 41, Hogs 17

Jefferswag (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Jefferswag (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I'm at Posuer HQ at the Ranch this weekend again, so I've got unreliable internet so I will make this quick.  

The Haters may officially bite me now.  

Our "middling" offense went out and scored 41 points.  It's the 10th time LSU has cleared 30 points and the 8th time that LSU has cleared 40.  But yeah, the offense is a weak link.  

With the game on the line, LSU's depth came through again.  The ground and pound offense may not be exciting for those of you outside Tiger Nation, but it is brutally effective.  by the fourth quarter, Arkansas practically flew up a white flag from their sideline.  

Fresh legs won out again, and LSU's embarrassment of riches in the backfield paid dividends.  As other teams get tired, we seem to get stronger.  It is a credit to the team's depth and conditioning.  You never know who the hero is going to be.

But this week, the hero was an old standby: the Honey Badger.  T-Rex forced two fumbles and recovered one.  He also had a huge 92-yard punt return at a time we desperately needed a big play.  

Down 14-0, a lesser team would have panicked.  But LSU looked destiny in the face and seized the moment.  After going down by 14, LSU outscored Arkansas 41-3.

That's what champions do.

This was yet another statement win from a team that has taken the theme of this season to be the Year of Settling Scores.  Previous LSU teams would have folded or even got involved in a dogfight.  LSU just slowly and methodically strangled the life out of the Hogs, and won this game going away.  LSU has left no doubt who #1 is, let other teams worry about #2.