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Monday Press Lunch: Week 14 v. UGA (SEC Championship)

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Starts at the 17 minute mark

Les had a bit more fun this week than the last two and had a few good moments. Les took time to thank the crowd and the grounds crew before saying how much he liked actually having a championship game week press conference this year. On the injury front, S Eric Reid, DE Michael Brockers, and RB Alfred Blue should all be ready to play, while the outlook on RB Terrence Magee was not as optimistic. On Michael Brockers, Les gave a funny answer about how he trusts his medical staff more than the player's diagnosis and also would not comment on rumors that QB Jarrett Lee may be running into academic eligibility problems. He was asked straight up if a team that doesn't win it's conference should be eligible for the National Championship and he would not comment on it. Les was asked about rumors of Urban Meyer looking to hire OC Greg Studrawa as his new OC and said that Urban has not asked to talk to him at this point. Veteran reporter Ted Castillo, who is retiring this year, took a moment to say that he believes this team looks even better than the 1936 team.

Probably the most interesting comments concerned the use of Jarrett Lee this past week. Les made some comments during Ted's question about putting him in when the game was in hand that invited a follow up question about whether or not Lee's role on the team has changed. Les gave a VERY roundabout answer that basically said it was a game plan decision for this game only and that his role hasn't changed.

After the break, player interviews


CB Ron Brooks


CB Tyrann Mathieu


CB Morris Claiborne