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Link Gumbo 11/4/11

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Are you going to really concentrate at work today? Yeah, me neither.



In the world of hype videos, this week A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS in the form of the league office jumping head first into the competition with the excellent entry above. If you've missed any of the great works of digital art floating around the last few weeks, SB Nation has a round up for you.

So much coverage this week from every outlet imaginable, just going to highlight some of the best/most interesting.

We linked it yesterday, but if you haven't already, block out 20 minutes or so and go read Wright Thompson's amazing piece on Les Miles for Outside The Lines.

The New York Freakin' Times points out that both of LSU and Bama's Austrailian players (Bama starting DE Jesse Williams is also an Aussie) took odd paths that led them to their teams.

Who gives the best Les Miles radio interviews? Many would say ESPN's Scott Van Pelt, but the enthusiasts know the real answer is Gerry DiNardo.

We've heard the "there are so many future NFLers in this game" line before, but this Buffalo Bills draft enthusiast pegs the actual number at 26 (including one you might not be expecting.)

Current NFLer (and former space emperor around these parts) Patrick Peterson gave his take on the game to the SEC.

Gov Jindal sure is making a lot of bets this year. I'll only highlight this week's wager to point out that while we are offering the finest seafood in the land, the Bama gov is offering...a horrible sounding BLT.

Oh, and Honey Badger is now recorded into the US Senate record

Tin Roof Brewing says the LSU beer they've been working on will finally hit local bars starting next wednesday.

Roll Bama Roll brings news that Bama's #2 back Eddie Lacy is still dealing with a lingering Turf Toe injury and may not be 100% on Saturday.

From Around SB Nation...Someone's a little ornery about being left out of the "Best Teams in the Nation" discussion... TeamSpeedKills runs the advanced stats on the LSU and Bama Defenses and can't decide if a rematch game is something worth arguing for yet...Red Cup argues for some plain ol' BCS Chaos and has the best halloween costumes of the year...Bill C at the mothership points to history to say that the chances of Game of The Century combatants staying perfect after the game are very slim...A look at the midseason results from the Conference Redraft Project from over the summer show that not only is The Cult of Les Miles made of the winningest combined programs, but they're also the best scoring teams and leaders in attendance. We'll see how that shakes out during basketball season.

WBB blasted Xavier (NOLA) in their exhibition opener, 120-42.

Soccer lost to 7th seeded Auburn in an upset in the 1st round of the SEC tourney and now await an NCAA tourney bid. Mo Isom made the Homecoming Court and I'm not in anyway at all trying to influence students who visit here to vote for her (ok, I am.)

LSU professors are studying the ways sports fans see themselves and how social media and websites can affect their opinions.