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Initial Impressions: LSU 9, Bama 6

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Celebrate! (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Celebrate! (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so that game was Christina Hendricks.

But outside of LSU fans, that was an ugly, ugly game.  LSU's offense was completely unable to do anything outside of one drive.  Miles had two options at quarterback -- one guy who couldn't throw and the other who was only throwing interceptions.  

Les Miles made the choice to go with the guy who couldn't throw, because no yards are better than giving the ball to the other team.  Jordan Jefferson's line was brutal: 6/10 for 67 yards with 11 rushes for 43 yards.  His ATVSQBPI was a pedestrian 5.238.  

Well, it was beautiful.  

This game was everything we thought it would be.  Two big time programs throwing haymakers at one another, and two near-NFL defenses just laying the wood.  This game could have gone either way and both teams proved themselves to be worthy of the hype.  Both defenses, especially, were as great as advertised.  

Miles essentially found a way to win this game without an offense.  He did it with defense and special teams.  

The defenses tonight fought, essentially, to a draw.  Both units were great and got big stop after big stop, and forced huge turnovers.  Before we talk about how bad either offense is, let's give credit to both defenses, which played like world beaters.  They made those offenses look bad.  It's what they do.

But LSU won this game on special teams.  

Alabama kickers went 2 for 6, including missing the critical 52-yarder in overtime.  LSU's kickers hit three short field goals, including two pressure packed kicks after Saban called a timeout to ice the kicker.  

But... Brad Wing.  Oh my God.  Eric Reid's interception was huge, but Bama still likely gets points without Brad Wing's 73 yard punt to flip field position.  Of Wing's six punts, four were inside the 20, and another was perhaps the key play of the game.  

Everyone makes fun of kickers as not really football players.  Well, tonight, LSU's kickers just won the biggest game of the year.  And it was absolutely beautiful.