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Blog Poll Week 11

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I've been lax about posting my BlogPoll, though I have been voting because, well, I was waiting for this game.  Here it is with explanations, if you remember, after the jump.

1-5.  I refuse to drop Bama in the poll for losing in overtime in a game they could have just as easily won if they had gotten the breaks.  LSU and Bama are pretty much equal.  Well, except on the scoreboard... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh).  Sorry.  We will find a lot out about Stanford this week against Oregon.

6-10.  OU, UO, and Arkansas make up the three "duh" teams to round out the top 8.  Then we start throwing darts.  Hey, Houston's undefeated and has a record setting QB.  Why not?  

11-15.  Clemson and Penn St are both one-loss teams who merit consideration.  I actually like KSU now more that they lost, if that makes sense.  I thought they were a paper tiger, but I was impressed by them hanging with OSU and I feel I've been underrating them.  Then begins my SEC/Big Ten logjam of decent teams.  

16-20. And the SEC/Big Ten logjam continues.  Georgia Tech still has that great offense, and might still find themselves in the top ten by year's end.  USC really has to hate being on probation right now.  

21-25.  Ummm.... yeah.  Two mid-majors who each have one loss. (What's that?  The Big East is a BCS conference? Are you sure?) Then two Texas squads.  Actually, the Big 12 looks incredibly deep this year -- just about every team not named Kansas is a threat to win every game.  So we're seeing lots of teams near .500 but they are all pretty good.  Not great, but pretty good.