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Monday Press Lunch: Week 10 v. WKU - featuring Crocodiles, Guide Wires, and Legendary Lakers Coach "Bill" Riley

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Starts at the 17 minute mark.

There were only two facts to come out of this press conference and it's one that we already knew. #1 No, Les isn't naming a starter at QB today and Yes, both Lee and Jefferson will play on Saturday. #2 Les agrees with the penalty on the return coverage by Tyrann Mathieu but doesn't think it was malicious. The rest was just Les Miles riffing with the media on everything from the challenges of recruiting in Australia, to American Samoa, to camera guide wires, to the NBA Finals in the 70's. Sit back and enjoy a good half hour of Les being Les.


LSU Release [PDF]

WKU Release [PDF]

SEC Release [PDF]

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