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Link Gumbo 11/9/11

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Brian Wilson. Certified Crazy Person. LSU Fan.


When your trainer owns a bat company, game trophies are easily made.

A few more awards to hand out this week as Eric Reed was named the Nagurski National Defensive Player of the Week and Drew Alleman was named a Lou Groza "Star of the Week.

This bit snuck by us in last week's buildup. Fleur de Lis pizza got a huge shoutout from Grantland last week.

Bama lost. Time for some epic Meltdown and Schadenfreude (NSFW)

It's a little early to discuss it, but LSU-Bama is one of two possible rematches in the championship game.

I wish I'd have thought of this earlier, but LSU-Bama really was a Big 10 fan's dream game.

It would appear Bama fans are not going to let Eric Reid's interception go without protest, even with official confirmation from the league office. Have fun stewing over that for a few years.

In case you missed it, Mizzou joined the conference on Sunday and will enter the East division (along with excellent blog Rock M Nation.) As expected, it's given the SEC cause to revisit their TV contract. (From a baseball angle, this is kind of a disaster. Mizzou's TOTAL home attendance last season was 13,344, which is just a handful more than LSU pulled in for the Friday night game of the UF series this past year)

The LSU Soccer team was placed in the NCAA tournament as an at-large and will start against 3 seed TAMU on Friday night. Goalie (and Friend of the Site) Mo Isom got a nice profile in LSU Legacy magazine and is still in the running for the Lowes' CLASS award (and, for you student readers, is still running for homecoming queen)

Patrick Peterson did his superman thing again last weekend. Now, there's even brief sightings of him on offense.

The SEC has announced the Thursday Night Baseball lineup for the 2012 season and LSU is only featured once, in the April 5th game @ Florida.

Things are kinda desperate at Tennessee when they have to pull a kicker from a frat house just minutes before a game. (was there not an available Colquitt brother in the stands?)

The Right Reverend Houston Nutt will be forcibly separated from his flock at the end of the season and Ole Miss AD Pete Boone will follow shortly behind him. The surprising (and frankly worrying) news about this is that the Dread Pirate Captain Mike Leach is interested in the job. Rebel fans seem to be in his favor.

With the potential loss of Leach, the list of candidates ok options for the Tulane program gets shorter.

More postgame videos and player interviews after the break.




WR Rueben Randle


S Brandon Taylor



DT Michael Brockers


DE Sam Montgomery