Joe Paterno: A Week ago and a Weak Ego

Less than a week ago Joe Paterno tied the record for the most wins in college football History and stood as the LION of the collegiate world, an icon to the entire country.

Due to a lot of weak egos, including his own, 'JoPa' was fired after 61 years at Penn State University.

His legacy will now forever be intertwined with a scandal that will haunt him to his grave and will likely be written in his obituary.

Mike McQueary could have prevented this in 2002 if he had protected, what he described, as a ten year-old boy being raped by then legendary former defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky.

Mike McQueary's father could have prevented this in 2002 if he had called the police or instructed his son to do so.

 Joe Paterno could have prevented this in 2002 if he had encouraged McQueary to call the police or done so himself.

There were numerous opportunities in 2002 and for the last nine years for several people in the Penn State Athletic Department and University Administration to prevent this by calling the police.

Even if Paterno didn't grasp the depth of what McQueary witnessed and he was in fact as shocked and surprised as the rest of us when he read the GJ report then he still had the opportunity to avoid this.

Instead of holding a press conference today to notify the Board of Trustee's that he had decided not to go and would coach until the end of the season he could have fallen on his sword, expressed his regret and promised to lead the charge against any cover up.

Yet the fact is, this happened under his watch and he agreed 'he should have done more' - the only way for this to end was for the entire house to be cleaned and his coaching days ended with the release of the Grand Jury Report.

 The Board of Trustee's handled it slightly less horrible than now ousted President Spanier but firing JoPa via currier or cell phone, depending on which family member you speak to, is about as adept as allowing the criminally charged AD and Finance official to remain on staff, even if they are on 'leave'.

Now Penn State students are rioting in the street and it looks like a party not a protest or demonstration. Everyone involved in this scene, from the drinking and jolly students, a school janitor many years ago, a missing former DA, the Administration officials who dealt with allegations in 1994, 1998 and 2002 and at least two coaches, including the head man in charge could have prevented this but now they are all contributing to the utter destruction of whatever Penn State Stood for.


Penn State 1855 - 2011 'May she rest in peace.'