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Mathieu and the Heisman

Tyrann Mathieu is not going to win the Heisman. We all know this, not because NICKNAME REDACTED does not deserve the Heisman, but because the Heisman only goes to offensive players, and usually just players in the offensive backfield.

The one time the Downtown Athletic Club got cute and gave it to a defensive player, they gave it Charles Woodson, who also played some snaps at wide receiver. But let's just look at Woodson's defensive numbers in his Heisman winning campaign:

44 tackles
1 sack
9 pass break ups
1 TD

That's pretty impressive. Let's look at NICKNAME REDACTED this season:

70 tackles
6.5 TFL
1.5 sacks
7 pass break ups
4 TD
6 forced fumbles
4 fumble recoveries

Mathieu matches up. He has a ton more tackles and was a more disruptive player, constantly getting into the backfield to make tackles. OK, he doesn't have as many picks, but that's made up for by his amazing ability to force fumbles. And he's scored 4 touchdowns, an amazing number for a defensive player.

Mathieu is a guy who makes big plays. In LSU's last two games, the Tigers dug themselves into an early hole, only to get back into the game because of a big return by NICKNAME REDACTED. He didn't just score touchdowns, he scored touchdowns at crucial times to break the game open.

Look, there's a quarterback who puts up gaudy numbers every single season. It happens all of the time. Throwing for 4000 yards doesn't make you special, it just makes you the guy having a big season this year. It's your turn.

But Mathieu is a truly unique player. He's played all over the field and made big play after big play. There's no one who can do what NICKNAME REDACTED does. I can't even believe he does it with the stunning regularity he does.

Ask yourself: what player has had more impact on this season than Tyrann Mathieu? Who has been more "outstanding" than he has?

No, he won't win. But that doesn't mean that Tyrann Mathieu isn't the best player in college football. The only reason he won't win the Heisman is because he is a defensive back, and defensive players aren't allowed to win the Heisman. Well, NICKNAME REDCATED takes what he wants.

He deserves the Heisman.