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Link Gumbo 12/2/11


Those of you heading to Atlanta, keep an eye out for counterfeit tickets.

The coaching staff is in line for some pretty big bonuses this week.

It hasn't even been a full season yet, but ZOD's shoes are already in Canton.

Jamarcus Russell might be making a return to pro Lake Charles.

There are now 2 coaching vacancies in the SEC West, as TAMU has fired Mike Sherman. The Aggies are... disappointed? That's in addition to a large number of firing earlier this week that included former LSU assistant Larry Porter at Memphis. Meanwhile the dread pirate Mike Leach has come ashore in Washington State.

Friend of the Show, SB Nation's Steven Godfrey spent a week embedded in the Vandy program to see just how James Franklin is killing Same Old Vandy. Meanwhile, EDSBS's Spencer Hall spent Thanksgiving in Aggieland and lived to tell the tale.

Who is really the most deserving team to face LSU in the BCS Title Game? Take the blind test.

So, how are things going for Gary Crowton and Maryland in year one of Randy Edsall? Oh Dear.

Except for a brief Bert Jones cameo, it has no ties to LSU whatsoever, but Howard Schnellenberger's exit interview is worth a read.

Very quietly, the MLB was able to pass a new CBA, and it's changes to the draft, including moving the signing deadline up to mid July, are a big help to college baseball.

RIP Dr. Allen A. Copping, former LSU system president who oversaw LSU's takeover of the state public hospitals and helped in the founding of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in the 80's.

After the break, the most horrifying UGA video you will see this year, Arkansas highlights, and a look at some former Tigers in the Pros

Disturbing UGA Taunting

Arkansas Highlight Reel

Mikie Mahtook - MLB Network

Glenn Davis - Surviving the Lockout