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A Special Guest Breaks Down the BCS Championship Game: Jon Gruden

Here at And the Valley Shook, we search high and low to find the best possible analysis for the big-time matchups, and Game of the Century of the Year 2: Game Harder is no different. Plus, we all know that celebrities are all smarter than us common folk, therefore, we are proud to present some predictions from some of the leading celebrity football authorities in America. In today's installment, America's favorite football analyst, and former Super-Bowl-winning head coach Jon Gruden weighs in.

Greetings out there to everybody in the Crimson Tide and Tiger nations. Man, I gotta tell ya, THIS GUY (points thumb back up at himself) sure is lookin' forward to this matchup. I can't wait. Number one versus number two ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME? I just hope that the people of America appreciate just how lucky they are to see two teams this great.

Let's start with Alabama. I tell ya, THIS TEAM, I call ‘em the DETERGENT, cause once you add this Tide to your wash, that scoreboard stays nice and CLEAN. Nick Saban has this team playin' fundamentally sound and just plain mean out there. And they got THIS GUY Trent Richardson. I tell ya' THIS GUY, I call him the SALMON. Because just like one of those fish that are always fightin' to get up that stream, this guy is always fightin' to get where he's goin'. And where this guy is goin' is to the ENDZONE.

And then there's the number one, top-ranked LSU FIGHTIN' TIGERS. I gotta tell ya' their head coach Les Miles likes to say he has a DAMN STRONG FOOTBALL TEAM, and ya know what, he's pretty right. They got their very own HONEY BADGER, TY-ran Math-you. THIS GUY, I tell ya, they say he takes what he wants, and they're RIGHT. He's like a football Robin Hood, robbin' from those rich offensive guys and given to the poor defense!

Woo! I tell ya folks. We are LUCKY, to be watchin' two great teams like this go at it. It's gonna be a GREAT game down in the Big Easy, and I gotta tell ya I'm gonna take the Crimson Tide here by a field goal. I know THE MAD HATTER's gonna pull some of those wily tricks out of that big ol' hat of his up there, but THIS GUY right here (points thumb back at himself) thinks Alabama is gonna make their field goals this time. Otherwise there's gonna be some kickers walkin' home back to Tuscaloosa. And that's good enough for ME.