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Fingers. Out.
Fingers. Out.

A night of stars await you at ESPN's annual "Every Award That Isn't The Heisman" show, featuring such noted presenters as Matt Millen, Herschel Walker, Governor Bill Anoatubby (Tribal leader of the Chickasaw Nation), Fred Biletnikoff, and former SEC Commish Roy Kramer. Mo Claiborne and Tyrann Mathieu will be their to take home their position awards. You'll also have an opportunity to boo heartily at Ray Guy himself for leaving Brad Wing off of his award's finalists list.

But the real reason you'll tune in is that Les Miles will be presented with the Home Depot Coach of the Year Award (the first of no doubt many this year) and will be asked to give an acceptance speech. That's right, Les Miles in front of a live microphone on cable TV.

Show starts at 8pm on ESPN and is rated TV-CJ (may contain Craig James)


Counter Programming tonight: LPB is running selected clips from Ole War Skule, that new LSU football documentary that came out a few weeks back starting at 7pm. It may or may not contain footage of Les Miles dancing the funky chicken at a practice meeting (hint: IT DOES)