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GAMETHREAD: LSU @ Arkansas, 12:30, SEC Net,

Last time against Arkansas at home, we actually won the game 56-53. White, D-Beck, Stringer, and Green all had more than 10 points, Turner was out and Warren was still limited by his ankle. Arky is a better team than the one we faced, but they are only 4-6 in league play. Their big threat is Rotnei Clarke, but we were able to hold him to 5 pts last time. For LSU, everyone is healthy enough to start, but Warren might still come off the bench.

A loss today guarantees a losing season in SEC play.

SECNet/JP TV coverage and Here's your station list.

Alexandria - KLAX;

Baton Rouge - WAFB;

Lafayette - KADN;

Lake Charles - KVHP;

New Orleans - WUPL;

Shreveport - KMSS