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Link Gumbo 2/14/11 - Baseball Is Upon Us

It's almost here...

Just when you thought they were turning a corner, the Men's team went and dropped another nearly 20-point loss. This time in a rematch against one of the only teams we've beaten, we fell to Arkansas 80-61 and let Rotnei Clarke, a player who we held to just 5 pts in our last meeting, explode for 25 points including 5-3s. 17 turnovers, being down by 18 at the half, 3-11 3pt shooting, all the same problems we've had all year. The next 2 games, both at home against the East (Florida) and West (Bama) division leaders, are both being carried nationally on ESPN.

In about mid 2nd half of the game, Coach Trent Johnson apparently got a Technical for arguing with the refs. I say apparently because none of the TV replays showed anything even remotely emotional enough for it and I've not seen an explanation reported anywhere. One of the Maravich Maniacs on the scene with the Bus Trip says he got it for using the word "obviously".

Collis Temple Jr., the 1st African-American basketball player at LSU, and mentor/father figure to so many players over the years, is undergoing chemotherapy for stage 3 colon cancer. The outlook is good, but the chemo has been rough:

After his last treatment -- each treatment covers a Monday through Wednesday span -- he stayed in bed for three days and lost 21 pounds.

"It slammed my ass," he said. "I was sick as hell. I couldn't eat, didn't want to eat."

There was a great profile in The Advoc of Stanley Roberts, a Center for the 89 team who is back now to finish his degree.

Softball swept their opening weekend to start 6-0 with a combined score of 41-8. 

IT'S GAMEWEEK! Hanover is just happy to be on the field, even if it it the Void at 3rd base. One of last year's Void victims,  Beau Didier, is one of this season's lead utility guys. Mason Katz got some laughs at the opening banquet. Our big non-conf opponent this year, Cal State Fullerton, is a leading pick to win their conference. The New Orleans area coaches (Tulane, UNO, Delgado CC) all agree the new bats are going to change the game. Ole Miss is already dealing with some late preseason injuries. And despite a late push for donation support, Cal is officially disbanding their baseball team

No, it's not too early to start Spring Football previews. The Advoc starts with the biggest question mark, Special Teams

Think football recruiting is shady enough already? Just wait until all the good players are on AAU-style travel teams.

More ammo for our friendly Rangers fan. The annual "Ole Miss players leaving the team for various reasons" period has begun.