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Link Gumbo 2/16/11

Yeah, there's a thinly-veiled corndog reference, but it's still funny. From The Solid Verbal

The REAL reason you want to go to the next two home basketball games against the division leaders: RED PANDA and QUICK CHANGE!

GAMEWEEK: Mainieri likes what he has in the bullpen this year. The Mississippi teams also hate the new bats. Mary Ann Mahtook, Mikie's mom, talks about her fight with cancer after being diagnosed at the end of last season. Non-conf opponents USL and SELA are on the preseason mid-major Top 25.

Baseball previews for the rest of the conference are starting to pop up slowly, as most are all still enamored with that strange bouncyball sport. The Rebs at Red Cup look at life without Pomeranzbot on the mound and the rest of their starters, TSK starts off their conference previews with Bama, Vandy should have another excellent squad, and if you're looking for info on the other Tigers, Plainsmen Parking Lot is an excellent Auburn baseball blog. Out of conference, Bruins Nation has a great run down of the PAC-10 teams.

Former LSU utility guy Wet Delatte is doing well at LSU-E.

Softball has SELA at home this evening before heading out to a mini-tourney in Houston.

Brandon Bass is now a crowd favorite in Orlando.

The exit interview for SCar-bound Jadeveon Clowney gives an amusing picture of modern college recruiting and gets in a small dig a Ol' Saban.

Another year of football, another attendance title for the SEC.

Phil Steele sees us starting next season as AP #4 (and Oregon AP #3).

The Fiesta Bowl is under IRS investigation for improper political contributions, among other things.

Maybe the Brits can fix the BCS. They'll at least talk to Mark Cuban about it.

That NFL-NFLPA mess really isn't going well, and college football has the most to gain from it.

The latest SBNation Mock Draft sends Patrick Peterson to the Bills with the 3rd pick and Drank Nevis to Houston in the 2nd round.

On the death of Wishbone inventor Emory Bellard, The Clarion Ledger ponders if it would work in today's game.