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GAMETHREAD: LSU v Alabama, 8:00pm, ESPN,

At least Alleva is still confident in Coach Johnson:

"I don't care if we lose 20 games in a row this year, the program is in good shape and is going to be just fine," said Alleva, who hired Johnson.

"You've just got to let it play out. I see a lot of good things for next year. People just need to have some patience."

Last time we saw Bama, a 46-70 shellacking and Malcom White nearly got T'd out of the game. Everyone is healthy so expect a starting line of Stringer, D-Beck, Turner, Warren, and White.

The Tide fans think this is a trap game and a loss will severely damage their already meager NCAA chances. Well boys, misery loves company. We are already stuck with a losing SEC season, so we might as well ruin someone else's while we are at it.

Game is national on ESPN tonight.