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Link Gumbo 3/14/10


OMG! Mettenberger completed some, but not all passes in a drill for the media, WHAT DOES IT MEAN!? Other than that, it's been your typical quiet early days of practice before the pads come out. After the break, Miles post-practice interview from Saturday.


Green Jersey (no-contact): CB Mo Claiborne, DE Sam Montgomery, S Brandon Taylor

Missed Snaps: S Eric Reid (knee)

Out: G Josh Dworaczyk (recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery)


LSU ProDay begins this morning. We'll finally see how fast the Oreo of Explosion is in the 40.

Your baseball recap is coming soon.

No SEC West teams made the Tournament, which is what happens when you have to play 4 conference games against teams with RPIs north of 200.

In other news from the division of have-nots, Arkanasas has fired their HC after 4 seasons. For those looking to make the inevitable comparisons, Pelphrey had the Hogs in the SEC Tourney final game and a first round NCAA win in his 1st year, followed by a 2-14 conference record in '09 and identical 7-9 conference records the last 2 years. Not that it needed being said, but that certainly points to a hot seat year for Trent Johnson next season.

Johnson is also on the short list for a few jobs back out west, including Utah.

If you are wondering which games to watch in the Tourney, ATVS as always recommends anything in this list with Gus Johnson's name next to it.

A couple Auburn football players got the weekend started off right. So right, that it may have broken the Fulmer Cup scoring system.

SB Nation has 2 new blogs you may be interested in perusing: Football Study Hall, a haven for stat geeks; and Sports Bar Nation, which should aid you in future away game drinking decisions. They are currently running a March Madness of brews voting competition, and I demand you all go vote for Purple Haze and wildly tip the ballot

Les Miles after Saturday practice.