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Link Gumbo 3/15/11

I continue to be hampered by severe computer issues that have lasted since the end of the weekend. I swear on my blogging honor the Fullerton recap is coming before the Wednesday game at Nicholls if I have to fax the damn thing in.

Video from Shea Dixion at TigerSportsDigest

ProDay 2011 saw the usual improvement of combine times and reps for those who chose to participate. Special note to long time ATVS readers that Danny "Oreo of Explosion" Graff ran a 4.54 in the 40, and Josh Jasper didn't even run the 40, leaving many long-time bar bets unsettled. I would have included the usual cavalcade of videos after the break, but all of LSU's vids are behind the GeauxZone paywall this year. Instead, there's a bit from the Times-Pic Saints beat writers about what they see in our draft class. They also talked to the many former players on hand about what their workout plans are during the lockout and quite a few of them will be coming back home to stay in form.

As was revealed late yesterday LSU has had dealings with Will Lyles, the "street agent" of recent notoriety in the NCAA's request for documents at Oregon. Specifically worrying is the reported relationship between Lyles, DL coach Brick Haley, DE Trevon Randle, and Randles father.

The payment for recruiting services is very much legal under NCAA regs, and while $6K may seem like a lot for JUCO tapes on Kansas and California schools, without numbers from other schools who recruit comparably well it's impossible to tell if these numbers are high or low. 

The issue that is troubling is the not quite matching stories of Haley and Randle's HS coach in Texas and whether or not Lyles counts as a booster in the eyes of the NCAA. I assume we will hear more on this as spring camp continues.

And while we are on this odd business, I think I found a friend for our local Rangers fan. I'd spout off a line about throwing stones, but I wouldn't want my dirty self to make a mess in his glass house.

If the double Final Four year of 2006 represents the height of LSU Basketball then this morning has to rank as the true rock bottom. For the 1st time since 1998, the Lady Tigers will not go dancing.

Just as soon as the rumors spread about the openings in Utah, Coach Trent Johnson quickly put out the fire, recommitting to "building a championship program at LSU." Those of you still playing the drinking game should take the customary shot for the Johnny O'Bryant reference in that last link.

Thanks to the Fullerton sweep, LSU is now ranked in the top 10 in all 4 major polls.

If you are skipping the raw emotion that is UNC-Ashville v ARK-LR this evening, might I suggest an SEC West baseball preview of Bama v Auburn in Montgomery, live on and some Alabama cable stations. The game doesn't count towards SEC standings, but should give us some idea of how deep this league really is. Otherwise, SLU is on the carpet at Turchin for GM2 with the Greenies.