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ATVS Tourney Scoring Game

We are a day away from the best annual American sporting event, not to mention my fairly debauched trip to Vegas.  If anyone has a winner, please email me. 

I absolutely love the Tourney.  It is one of those few events that almost always delivers.  There's drama, upsets, and at the end of the day, usually a legitimate champ.  Villanova's "perfect game" was a long time ago.  I hate these play-in games and wish we'd go back to the magic of 64, but what are you gonna do?  Nothing is perfect.  Not anymore.

Anyway, it also means it is the return of the annual ATVS Tournament Scoring Game.  Instead of picking brackets (how lame!), we chose one player from every seed line.  Every point they score, starting Thursday and throughout the tournament, is a point for your team.  Whoever scores the most points, wins.  As always, the winner will receive one million ATVS bucks, redeemable at RollBamaRoll.*

*No, not really. 

Here is my team:

1 - Marcus Morris (Kansas)
2 - Kawhi Leonard (SDSU)
3 - JaJuan Johnson (Purdue)
4 - Brandon Knight (Kentucky)
5 - Derrick Williams (Arizona)
6 - Austin Freeman (Georgetown)
7 - Isaiah Thomas (Washington)
8 - Cam Long (George Mason)
9 - Frank Hassell (ODU)
10 - Kalin Lucas (Michigan St)
11 - Steven Gray (Zags)
12 - Kevin Anderson (Richmond)
13 - Keith Benson (Oakland)
14 - Noah Dahlman (Wofford)
15 - Orlando Johnson (UCSB)
16 - Darrion Pellum (Hampton)

Deadline is Thursday to enter, just enter a team in the comments.  Let's have fun out there.