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GAMETHЯEAD: LSU v Communism (@ Nicholls St.) 6pm

You may have guessed it by now, but the CSF recap isn't coming. My apologies. The good news is my computer problems are over and we should be back to our regularly scheduled baseball programming, starting tonight with a long-since played out joke.


A team that comes to bat with swords, clearly Un-American.



Tonight our Kolonels lead by GLOЯIOUS KOMMANDANT MIKE WISEKAЯVEЯ (2-1, 4.40 ERA, 14.1 IP) will destroy the supposedly great LSU Tigers, this time on our home field of DIDIERGRAD. The first year under PЯEMIEЯ SETH THIBODEAUX, (after that traitorous CHIP DUЯHAM abandoned us) has so far yielded a mixed 7-7 harvest, but if we stick to the FIVE-YEAЯ PLAN, it will surely lead us to victory over these BOUЯGEOISIE and bring glory to the MIGHTY PEOPLES UNIVEЯSITY OF HOUMA/THIBODEAUX!


As always, a victory over Nicholls St is a victory for AMERICA!

Tyler Jones is on the mound in enemy territory tonight. Nicholls says they have sold out this one, but I'm betting on a friendly crowd.

Weather is clear and cool, radio only.