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DUAL GAMETHREAD OF DOOM! v. Miss. Valley St. (Radio, 6:30pm) @ UGA (FSN,, 7pm)



We've entered that weird first week of March where it seems every sport is in action. Tonight baseball and basketball start within a half hour of each other.

It's tough to get any info on Miss. Valley State, but we know that the Devils from Itta Bena are 0-8 to start the year, getting swept in two 4 game sets at TAMU-CC and FIU. I can't even find this year's set of stats for them, but they did put up a small preview on their school's site. The real question for the evening is who is starting on the mound for LSU in our 5th game in 6 days, and I have not been able to find any info on that either. Radio only again tonight.

Meanwhile in Athens, the Dawgs are of the belief that a win tonight punches their dance ticket. Well, misery loves company. Game is on FSN and is being carried on

Apologies for the brevity, but I'm out-of-pocket today and will be travelling during this evening. Commenter extraordinaire WatsonTiger will be handling the baseball updates and I'm willing to bet actioncuse or one of the other basketball diehards will chime in if something interesting happens at the UGA game.