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Link Gumbo 3/22/11


Saturday Post-Scrimmage Press Conference

Small Gumbo today, I'll be back with the USL Gamethread this evening (6:30 start). By the way, the next 3 midweek home games are Trading Card Nights.

Practice was closed Saturday but Miles met with the media afterward to discuss a few things, including his disappointment that he missed the Snoop Dogg concert at The Varsity (no really, end of the video).

From my recap to your reality, Mainieri's changing the lineup for tonight, starting Mike Lowery at 1B, swaping Watkins for Jones in the lead-off spot, and moving Ty Ross up in the order to...somewhere.

LSU fell in all the polls to the 9-11 spot, which is expected. Florida is still #1, after all.

I'm not sure what prompted it, but there was a brief interview with AD Alleva in The Advocate Sunday about future construction plans. The big items are the addition of 12 more suite boxes at Alex Box (construction to begin as soon as the season is over) and moving tennis to a new facility far south of campus off of GSRI (that's way down Nicholson, well past Tigerland)

Yet another DJ McCarthy investigation update, cryptic as usual. At this rate we will be done with our self-imposed sanctions before the NCAA gives us a final ruling.

Gym starts the NCAA tourney on April 2 with a tough draw: in a regional with top-seed UCLA and hosted by UGA.

Gus Johnson is Awesome and is calling the New Orleans regional this week. If someone ever doubt's how awesome Gus Johnson is, show them this article.