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Link Gumbo 3/24/11

Big Cat Drill video never gets old

There are just a few notes from practice this week to share, mostly position changes. Russell Shepard is adjusting well to being in the outside receiver slot. Chris Davenport has been moved from DT to an unspecified position on the offensive line. The Daily Rev caught up with K Drew Alleman to talk about taking over after being behind great kickers like Colt David and Chris Jackson.

The SEC made a big to do yesterday about the release of the 2011 football schedule, but LSU's has already been out for months. Still, It's a good opportunity to reflect on what a daunting task we have ahead of us next fall.

We've mentioned Brad "Wing It" Wing a lot in this space over the past year for his noted origin of being an Australian Rules Football player. With the sport returning to American television in the next few days, EDSBS's Spencer Hall put together a great primer on the sport.

A ranking of D-1 college basketball conferences that has the SEC in 3rd place? Surely there must be something wrong with those calculations.

Our Vandy Neighbor Anchor of Gold has started up the SEC Baseball Power Rankings again, with LSU premiering at #3 despite our recent slump. Our weekend opponent UGA is in last place, but after they spent the last 2 weekends beating both 2010 CWS Finals teams, the Dawgs are no team to sleep on. College Baseball Daily still has us as a regional host, but no longer as a Top 8 national seed. 

It will be noted again in tomorrow's gamethread, but take note that Friday's baseball game has been picked up locally on Cox 4, and will have a broadcast team featuring John Smoltz.

Doc Saturday takes a look at our neighbors down I-10 (WARNING: DEMON PEPPER IN THAT LINK!)

Lou Holtz is about to become a doctor...again

And lastly today, a Band Geek aside: This movie is going to be spectacular for the soundtrack alone.

After the break, a piece from CBS news on the problem with college graduation rates featuring Russell Shepard, with cameos by Tyrann Mathieu and Tharold Simon.