Something has got to be done...

And I'm pointing the finger squarely at YOU, Mark Emmert.

We have the Cam Scam, where you fail to enforce the already written, more than adequate rules that stated he should have been banned from college football, yet you let him go free.

We have the Ohio St Tat incident, who should have been suspended immediately, yet they get to play in the bowl game so its more attractive to views, by your decision.

And then we have the ultimate corruption...

The handlers. Sean Nelson over in Thibodeaux, LA, who steered Trevon Reed to Auburn one season, then Greg Robinson the next - going so far as to take him on visits WITHOUT his mother's or grandmother's knowledge!

But if that was not enough, out comes this article on ESPN: NCAA probes man who sent players to Oregon.

Here is a quick summary - another one of these 'recruiting services' guys gets his eye on a highly touted RB named Lache Seastrunk when he in Louisiana for a summer camp at LSU. The high school head coach is told to stay away from his former player & his mother while the 'recruiter servicer' guy handles Lach's recruitment. The ahole sends Lache to Oregon and after the letter of intent is signed, receives payment on the order of $25,000 from Oregon.

Oh, and this isn't the first time he's been paid to send players to Oregon.

Oh, and he has an accomplish - none other than Sean Nelson down in Thibodeaux.

Oh, and the NCAA probe didn't start until some time after ESPN requested a copy of the check from Oregon that they sent to the ahole.


And what do you, Mark Emmert, say about this? Summary answer - 'we're looking into making new rules to stop the things that the rules already say are illegal but we are not enforcing or stopping because I don't want to' ( anyone else think he's on the take too? ).


May your failures be your undoing, Mr Mark Emmert.