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Link Gumbo 3/30/11

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It's the 25th anniversary of LSU's improbable 11th seeded 1986 Final Four team, a feat only duplicated by George Mason in 2006 and this year's VCU Rams. Along with that old highlight reel, there was a great profile of the team in USA Today

The McDonalds' All-American game is tonight, featuring the next great LSU hope Johnny O'Bryant. Unfortunately he appears to have been slacking since we last saw him. 

Former Tiger Garrett Temple has been signed by Charlotte for the rest of the NBA season.

LSU sent out some details about the Spring game on April 9th, the biggest change being that admission is now free on the day of the game (previously you could only get free tickets if you bought in advance. The other big news is that nearly half of LSU's 58 All-Americans will be on hand to sign autographs before the game, including legends like Bert Jones and Jerry Stovall.

A reminder for you season ticket holders out their, Tradition Fund payments are due by tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the last day to get on the season ticket waiting list for next season.

Though they didn't say anything about him, Mo Claiborne made Sporting News' list of the Top 25 football players for the spring.

Patrick Peterson was on local radio this week and said he has not decided if he was going to attend the draft in New York.

Mainieri has announced some more lineup changes for tonight's game against McNeese (6:30, radio only) and they are a bit more drastic than last week. The biggest change will be sitting Watkins for Edward in left field, with Dozar or Lowery to play 1B. Also tonight we will see Forrest Garrett take the mound for the 1st time since he went out for Tommy John surgery last season. He will start, but only pitch about an inning.

Dropping a series to one of the worst teams in the SEC has had the expected effect on our rankings. Anchor of Gold is doing a combined ranking average that puts us at #18. Also not a big surprise, most projections have dropped us out of regional hosting.

The SEC Helmet schedule grid is here!

Now you too can try your hand at the famed Wonderlic test.

Add FX to the list of channels that will have live college football next year.

Yesterday a big day for scandal in college football. The most important for us is the preview of tonight's HBO special in which a couple of former Auburn players will talk about a pay-for-play system that they were a part of. LSU is mentioned by Stanley McClover, who claims he was approached by a booster with cash while at an LSU camp.

Also yesterday, the Fiesta Bowl CEO was fired after an investigation revealed a huge amount of corruption in the bowl's expenses. This has led many, including the BCS itself, to question weather it will remain a BCS game for very long

We also learned yesterday that former Tennessee QB Erik Ainge was addicted to pain killers through most of his college and pro career, including the 07 season in which we faced him in the SEC Championship game. The folks at CFN ponder what effect this might have on Tennessee and what it says about the last year's of Fulmer's career there.

After the break, Monday Night's Paul Mainieri Show, Les Miles' Post-Scrimmage interview from Saturday, and some highlights from practice.