...Thursday, 104.5 ESPN reporter Jordy Culotta received a text message from Peterson after offering...


...Thursday, 104.5 ESPN reporter Jordy Culotta received a text message from Peterson after offering a forum to discuss the allegations. Peterson's text response read, "No I'm good. Cause that's all it is yu know, but thanks any way." Shortly after receiving the text, Culotta spoke to Peterson who said the report was, "All baloney." In fact, Peterson told Culotta twice that he never even visit the school in College Station, Texas. That would seem to contradict an ESPN report in which Kelly Naqi cites Peterson’s father, Patrick Peterson Sr. as describing his son’s visit to A&M as "a good trip." "Why would I jeopardize my future over going to Texas A&M and $80,000 when I knew that my future was playing football," Peterson told Culotta.

Peterson Responds to Allegations - 104.5 ESPN Radio Baton Rouge Update: Yeah, he did go to A&M once: Five-star cornerback visits Aggieland - August 6, 2007 "It's not often that the no. 3-ranked player in the entire country shows up for a somewhat surprise visit at a university. However, that was exactly the case a little over a week ago. Patrick Johnson, a five-star cornerback out of Pompano Beach, Florida, made an unplanned trip to College Station." The rest is behind a paywall, but you get the picture EDIT: The rest of the article is now not behind a paywall ""I visited Texas A&M the other day," said the 6-foot-1, 193 pound prospect. "My dad and I were in Houston visiting one of his friends and he suggested that we go look at A&M." UPDATE #2: Patrick Peterson released a statement through LSU denying the allegations and claiming no relationship with Willie Lyles. However, the Aggies writer who wrote the piece about his unofficial visit to A&M back in 2007 is now saying that the "friend" PP7 and his father visited in Houston, was in fact Willie Lyles. Someone is not telling the truth here.