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Link Gumbo 3/9/11


It was bad basketball all the way around, but [the position we are in] right now is exactly where we belong - in last place.

That's about right, Coach. All that remains is the late night tourney spot against Vandy on Thursday night.

Some guy calculates that we have only a 4.9% shot at advancing past the first round of the SEC tourney. SO YOU'RE SAYING THERE'S A CHANCE!

Believe it or not, someone from LSU men's basketball made the SEC postseason awards, with Ralston Turner making the All-Freshman team.

Contracts: APPROVED. 

I preferred "Tyrannasaurus" myself, but "Heat-Seeking Missile" works well too.

Want to see why keeping up APR scores is so important? Southern is facing a potential department-wide post season ban next year due to the men's basketball team failing to keep up with the APR standards. 

The Turkey Sandwich Classic (i.e. LSU-ARK on the Friday after Thanksgiving) might have some genuine competition in the timeslot the next few years.

Through 10 games, the Pitch Clock is certainly doing it's job, shaving about 15 minutes off game time averages and significantly reducing the amount of games over 3 hours long. 

It's hard to do, but Ole Miss AD Pete Boone is proving that people can be just as dull and dry on the internet as they are in real life.

Pitt may block Villanova's attempt to play D-1A football in the Big East because they don't want to play in a soccer stadium.

No doubt you've heard about the fresh allegations into Ohio St.'s players selling memorabilia last year, specifically that Coach Tressel sat on the info for months before contacting compliance staff. Last night it was announced that OSU is suspending him for the 1st 2 games next year and fining him. Note that these are self imposed sanctions, as the NCAA is still investigating the matter.

The lingering question is why does it seem the NCAA is always a step or two behind the investigative journalists of the world?

More stuff is safely finding it's way from Rosenblatt to the new park in Omaha.