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Link Gumbo 4/7/11


Trent Johnson Post-Season Press Conference

The most important news of the day is the release of the 2011 Name of the Year bracket, featuring LSU's own A'Trey-U Jones as a 14-seed in the Sithole regional. When the time comes, we will be sure to alert you all so that you can vote early and vote often.

Coach Trent Johnson had his annual post-season meeting with the media yesterday to take about the season and look ahead to next year. The big news is the loss of once highly-touted Aaron Dotson and walk-on favorite Daron Populist. Dotson is heading back to Seattle to be closer to his mother, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, while Populist is expected to sign to a scholarship with another school in Louisiana. You can read a transcript of the session here.

The usual spring practice stories continue to trickle in, The Times-Pic focuses on Chris Faulk stepping in at LT, The Daily Rev looks at the TEs, and The Advoc profiles ATVS favorite Brad "Wing It" Wing.

A Dynasty in it's own right, the LSU women's Power Lifting team won their 3rd national title since 2007 last week.

The first set of official NCAA RPI rankings for baseball are out. LSU comes in at #17, with 7 of our opponents in the Top 20. LSU also comes in at 7th in the SEC Power Rankings and 17 in AoG's combined rankings tracker.

SB Nation's "Sabermetrics for College Football" blog Football Study Hall is in the midst of producing more information than you thought possible on the rest of the D-1 teams in Louisiana. Covered so far is ULMLa Tech, and the Greenies. They also recently did a case study on the 2007 LSU v. Ohio State championship game and concluded that the Buckeyes weren't beat by ESS-EEE-CEE SPEEED, but rather by better athletes on the LSU D-Line and their own mistakes.

At the Spring Game on Saturday, LSU will be handing out copies of this awesome poster with all 58 All-Americans on it, which is convenient since 25 of them will be in attendance at an autograph session before the game.

MGM in Las Vegas has released odds for the 2012 National Championship and starts LSU at 10-1.

Team Speed Kills has been focusing on the money in SEC football this week, looking at coaches' salaries, what it costs to win a game in this conference, and how much profit the programs are bringing in.

Vandy is playing Ohio State in 2013 and the 'Dores are optimistic about their chances.

S Car QB Stephen Garcia may have just got himself kicked off the team for good. But that doesn't worry a relaxed Steve  Spurrier getting ready for a weekend at Augusta:

Spurrier on other QBs (and maybe forecast for Garcia-less future?): "We only throw 18-20 times a game, anyway."


EDSBS's Spencer Hall went to Wrestlemania 27 and wrote the most awesome story about wrasslin' you will read this year.