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The Stretch Run

Believe it or not, LSU is currently projected to make the field of 64.  Yeah, I couldn't believe it either.  Boyd World's pseudo-RPI's has LSU ranked 24th, which would likely get the tigers into postseason play.  And while LSU still sits 7-14 in SEC play, all of a sudden Hoover doesn't seem like an impossible dream.

LSU has to play division-leading Alabama, who only sits at 10-11, a mere three games ahead of LSU, and then it is two weekends against teams also currently on the outside looking in: State (8-13) and Tennessee (5-16). 

LSU sits two games out of Hoover and even more remarkably, three games out of first in the West.  If LSU can put together a run against the weakest portion of its schedule, then it is onto Hoover and possible the NCAA's. 

But that's putting the cart before the horse.  This team has not exactly displayed any sort of consistency, and we likely need to finish somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-2 (6-3 will probably do).  That's a tall order.  To amass as many SEC wins in 9 games as we've managed in 21. 

Well, you either want to play in the postseason or you don't.  This team has too much talent to be flailing about in the lower division.  No more excuses.  This is it.  We've been given a second life.

Now, let's go out there and win some ballgames.