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Link Gumbo 6/2/11

Shaq's Triple-Double against Loyola-Marymount - February 3rd, 1990

Thanks to your help, A'Trey-U Jones has come back to take a very slim lead in the 2nd round of the NOTY. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

We may have a pair of National Championships this spring. LSU Men's golfer John Peterson set a course record -7 at Karsten Creek Golf Course in Stillwater, OK to vault into the lead at the NCAA tournament. The final round is today and you can follow along on the NCAA's site. Peterson has an 8:10 am tee time.

Mainieri held a press conference yesterday to discuss a few matters, including what the remaining coaches and his roles with the team will be, changing up his recruiting model, and how we totally got screwed by the selection committee.  But there were also some roster changes. Trey Watkins has been released from his scholarship and will probably seek out other opportunities. There was also talk of Tyler Jones getting the boot, but apparently he's still with the team.

EDIT: Late quote from Mainieri: "None of our players have been told they're not welcome back" It seems any concrete decision on Watkins and Tyler Jones will wait until after the MLB Draft next week.

It was a huge day for news out of the SEC spring meetings in Destin, FL (not to be confused with SEC Media Days later this month) First, after much discussion and finger-wagging from certain SEC-E teams, All 12 Football head coaches voted to keep current signing limit at 28. The matter of player compensation also came up with a unique idea from the Ol' Ball Coach: Pay all 70 active roster players $300 out of the coach's own salary for each game. While recognizing the idea would never pass muster, several of the coaches, Les Miles included, signed on in support. As expected, when reached for comment, our buddy Mark Emmert said the idea "...would be the death of intercollegiate athletics," but he did reaffirm to the idea of increasing player compensation.

It's also been a banner event for Les Miles quotes. From Swap People to Star Wars, Miles was in rare form.

And then he brought out the Taffy Bucket.

The other big news from Destin is the immediate death of conference divisions in basketball. Next season the SEC Tourney will have all 12 teams seeded naturally, with the top 4 getting a 1st round bye. The regular season conference schedule wont change until the 2012-13 season, but Dawg Sports has some ideas for how to handle it.

It should be noted that all of these proposals have to be approved by the ADs on Friday. While the basketball changes are sure to pass, in one of the articles linked above Comish Slive hinted that change may be coming to the signing rules after all.

On the retirement of The Big Aristotle, SBNation's Tom Ziller wonders if what made him such a fan favorite off the court kept him from being the all-time great

Anchor of Gold's SEC Baseball Power rankings have been a fun read all year, even as the season took a downturn. Here's their final rankings heading into the postseason.

In better baseball news, Mikie Mahtook made the Golden Spikes finalist list.

Saturday Night Slant has a great breakdown of our potential losses to next week's MLB Draft, including those from the recruiting class.

In a fantasy world where the Baseball NIT exists, LSU heads to Hammond, where SELA is hosting as a 2 seed.

For all the talk of reforming agent rules in college, it's baseball that needs the most help.

Something we missed from last week, Miles had a speaking engagement at a BR area church and talked about everything but football, discussing his sister's death and putting his grass tasting skills to the test. I'm always surprised how much more relaxed he looks when not talking to the press.

Sure, it may have been a crappy spring for LSU, but at least we ain't Ole Miss!

TeamSpeedKills analyzes how the PAC-12 got a better tv deal than the SEC. To which Comish Slive says "NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!"

The Big East still seems destined to rip itself apart.

Need even more Lou Tepper in your life? Patrick The Ruminator (who writes for every sports website it seems) remembers the heady days of 1998.

Spencer Hall pours one out for TresselBall, then lights it on fire.

Desperate for something to watch this weekend? LSU Rugby will be on LIVE TV as part of the USA Collegiate Rugby Invitational in Philadelphia. They play the opening match on Universal Sports at 8:58am v Penn St., then on Versus at 1:10pm against Cal, and against Ohio St. at 5:06pm. While our Rugby team is a club sportwe'll be playing against some full fledged D-1 teams. I'll probably be sick of watching the baseball regionals pretty quickly, so If we make it to Day 2 on Sunday, I may or may not start a gamethread.