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Link Gumbo 6/7/11


via the invaluable

We start with ACTUAL ATHLETIC COMPETITION INVOLVING LSU. The tremendous stiff arm you see above is from LSU's club Rugby team's match against UNC, which they won en route to the Challenger Title in the USA Sevens Collegiate Rugby Championship. I watched what I could over the weekend, and other than the questionable purple unis, I have to say I was impressed. I'll post some video highlights later if I can find them.

It would appear the Aussies are stuffing the ballots against LSU DL A'Trey-U Jones in the NOTY voting, and he has now fallen more than 50 votes behind. He needs your help Tigers, SPREAD THE WORD!

It was a little bit longer wait than expected, but Mikie Mahtook got his named called with the 31st pick by the Rays. You can see reaction from both SB Nation and our Ray's community (they generally seem to like the pick, but have other org. issues they are dealing with.) 

I'll do my best to update the Draft Board as the rest of the +1400 other picks come in over the rest of the week.

In all, 6 SEC players were picked in the 1st round, including the heart of the Vandy starters and the other big name outfielders. 

The great pitching coach search continues, with Orioles minor league pitching coordinator Alan Dunn coming in for an interview this week.

Meanwhile, Ole Miss baseball has their own seppuku to clean up

The 2011 Football freshman are on campus for the 1st summer camp workout. We'll have more camp coverage from Paul later.

Longtime LSU Women's Asst. Bob Starkey has landed on his feet again as an asst. at UCF.

The Soap Opera in the West Virginia mountains has taken a weird and entertaining turn. It turns out the reports of new OC/HC-in-waiting Dana Holgorsen's multiple run-ins with casino security may have been false claims fed to reporters by current WVU HC Bill Stewart in an attempt to sabotage Holgorsen. And now there are reports that Stewart's contract is on hold until WVU is done investigating. Keep an eye on The Smoking Musket for more details as they emerge.

SB Nation's season previews continue, now looking at how Miss. St. can continue their rise under Mullen.

CFN ranks the Head Coaches in the SEC, and Miles comes in at #2

Both the SEC and CBS have released their early TV schedules. Be glad the only home date in September is the TigerVision Special with Northwestern St., as at least 7 SEC games in that month will be under the painful light of the evil dayball. We'll get our comeuppance though. Neither of CBS's doubleheaders are on the weekend of the UF-LSU game, so we have to hope it falls to ESPN. Meanwhile, SportsNola has crunched the numbers and sees only Heat Death for the Kentucky game on Oct. 1.

We'll have more on STEELEMAS 2011 as soon as we all get our copies, but Team Speed Kills has the big news regarding the SEC

Am I the only one who didn't know that not everybody knew Tebow was concussed in '09?

The Men's trip to Italy was very good for Iowa State transfer Justin Hamilton.

The Mtn. West just spent $250K on a new logo that looks like a cross between a TARDIS and a warehouse company logo. Based on what that leagues future looks like, maybe they should go a different way.

From Dynasty to No-Peat. My, how good that feels.

When Auburn comes to town, D.C. will be prepared.