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Link Gumbo 7/21/11


A few tidbits about the Nike abominations unis before we get to the important news. They will only be worn in the Auburn game and LSU will be wearing white in Dallas on Sept. 3rd

The big news at SEC Media Days yesterday was Mike Slive's ambitious proposals that include everything from raising academic requirements to making scholarships multi-year. The Bylaw Blog has a great breakdown of each of the proposals. SB Nation's excellent Media Days coverage continues through the end of the week.

For it's work in the McCarthy case, the LSU Compliance Dept. has rightly had it's praises sung nationally, in Atlanta (H/T Big McLargeHuge), and from our B1G compatriots.

Good thing we have a good compliance dept., because we aren't out of the woods yet on Lyles. The latest development at first appears to be a nearly Oregonian smoking gun in the form of an ESPN report that was originally titled "Willie Lyles Sold Video to LSU with No Recruiting Value" (the name has since been changed to something less false) As Team Speed Kills and various LSU beat writers on Twitter have brought up, the fact that at least one of the tapes includes Zach Mettenberger means they did, in fact, have value. It also furthers our theory that LSU is guilty of nothing more than using a terrible scouting service. Furthering this is the revelation that some of the video we got from Lyles was pirated from other scouting services.

But hey, at least we ain't Auburn. The big story on Radio Row yesterday is that the NCAA may have found the bag man in the Cam Newton case. TSK mulls over why the odds-maker for USA Today is the one breaking this news.

I'll say this for Jordan Jefferson, at least he's confident.

I expect to be an All-America, and I expect to be a Heisman Trophy candidate. I expect us to win the SEC and win the national championship. After all those goals are accomplished, I expect to be a first-round draft pick in the NFL. I have so much potential, and this team has so much potential. Now it's time for me to show all that I've been given.

Garrett Green has decided to transfer after earning his Bachelor's degree in the current summer session, which would allow him to bypass the 1 year sit-out rule wherever he decides to go. It's surprising, but with Johnny O'Bryant and other additions to the team this year, his obvious concerns about playing time are not unfounded. Many predictions see him landing at Indiana.

LSU's previously announced plans to brew beer on campus have progressed to the point where they are designing the cans and logos, with plans to sell the beer as early as September. While the decision to partner with Mockler, the BR area Bud distributor, is certainly going to get it on shelves, I am still kind of puzzled/ disappointed that the brewing partner isn't Abita but instead Tin Roof Brewing. I'm not saying it's a bad move (I've never sampled either of Tin Roof's brews) but my dreams of a Purple Haze brewed on-campus are dashed.

LSU has confirmed that the Northwestern St. game will be a 7pm TigerVision kickoff and will be the only PPV game of the year. This means the WKU game will likely be an FSN night game, but we'll have to wait a few weeks into the season for confirmation. Check out the rest of the early season SEC TV schedule here.

Those of you watching the coaching staff should take note that GA'ing on the sidelines this year with T.C."that's Saul Aunessie's kid" McCartney will be James Kilian, formerly of Tulsa where he was doing the same and was Kragthorpe's QB back in the day.

Kragthorpe impressed the crowd of more than 150 HS FB coaches who came to see him talk shop at the Ops center this week.

The Bayou Country Superfest is coming back for a 3rd year (and is still the same weekend as the SEC baseball tournament) which means we get another free re-sod next summer.

Here's an update on Anthony Ranaudo's progress in the Red Sox farm system.

ESPN has announced their announcer pairings for the season. The Good News: No more Herm Edwards, the deadly Mike Patrick-Craig James is in a time slot unlikely to see a lot of SEC games, BAWB Davie got booted of the ESPN2 night slot to ABC afternoons, and my personal favorite crew on Friday nights of Joe Tessitore and Rod Gilmore stays intact. The Bad News: Sean McDonough is STILL stuck with the why-are-you-employed Matt Millen, Craig James is still doing the Thursday games, and your early lead for worst crew of the year is Pam Ward and Dan Hawkins. The JP game retains last year's set of Dave Neal, Andre Ware, and Cara Capuano.

There is a great story on Black Heart Gold Pants, SB Nation's Iowa blog comparing what schools and conferences spend on football in relation to their success.

Tulane is still working on getting the funds to build an on-campus stadium. Why they don't just sink some money into Tad Gormley, I'll never know.