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Link Gumbo 7/26/11



There are plenty more videos from Media Day to share. The SEC's website has the secondary media sessions for Ryan BakerT-Bob HebertJordan Jefferson, and Coach Miles. Video of Miles in the full session room isn't available, but you can read the full transcript of it here.

Something I missed sharing from Media Days, a tour of the 2011 SEC Football Media Guides collection.

In case you missed it from Paul's excellent profile of the incoming freshman WR standout, Jarvis Landry has a stress fracture in his foot and will miss most of fall camp.

There is no new news since late last week about Russell Shepard and his questionable living arrangements. has a good interview with our 1st 2013 commit, Loranger (La.) High School ATH Jeryl Brazil.

Rosetta at TSD sees evidence of the rumored position switch for 2B JaCoby Jones ($) in his play at CF in the Cape Cod League this summer. LSU has two players in the CCL's all star game, pitcher Ryan Eades and INF Mason Katz, who will be playing DH. Coach Manieri talked to Perfect Game in a lengthy interview covering everything from the NCAA snub to the great potential of next year's pitching staff. Saturday Night Slant has a very complete look at how the roster is shaping up before the BASEBALLMAGGEDON deadline on August 15th.

Last Monday, Men's Basketball's 3 big name freshmen Johnny O'Bryant, Anthony Hickey, and John Isaac gave their first media interviews as LSU Tigers. Highlights are after the break.

It's that time of year when we hear the LSU Board of Sups. approve the various contract extensions and raises that were brought up in the previous sports year. Nikki Caldwell's has been approved already. There was a small matter of Trent Johnson's contract not making the agenda for the last board meeting, setting off a wave of rumors that the AD might be rethinking the proposed extension (time only, no pay raise) but LSU says it was merely an administrative problem and it's on the docket for the next meeting in late August. By my count, the following contracts are also still up for official approval: Softball HC Beth Torina, Pitching coach Alan Dunn, FB Asst. Kragthorpe and Thomas McGaughey(ST) and Les Miles' new contract.

TAF's got over $265 million dollars in assets this year (and they want me to pay for parking?)

Arrowhead Pride, SBNation's KC Cheifs community is liking the progress Glenn Dorsey has been making in the pros.

Now that the NFL lockout is lifted Justin Vincent is one of many former Tigers who are free agents looking to get back in the game (Vincent could end up with Pete Carol in Seattle of all places)

Go Vote for Strength Coach Moffitt, unless you want to run wind sprints all day.

TAMU REALLY wants to join the SEC.

Now we know the true reason why the B1G is resistant to night games: they're afraid things might get a bit rowdy.

Sorry La Tech, apparently the Sun Belt is just fine with it's 9 (soon to be 10) schools and isn't looking to expand any more.

It's not LSU related at all, but The Navy has signed off on the Carrier Classic game between UNC and Mich St. to be held on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson in San Diego Bay on Veterans Day.

Here's the second most important beer news you will read this month: Abita. In. Cans.