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Link Gumbo 8/12/11

Because I will use every opportunity I get to shODELL BECKHAM OUT OF NOWHERE!


Update on last night's A&M...thing. Either it is happening or it isn't happening. If it does happen dominoes could start to fall at West Virginia or the ACC or the rest of the BXII.

In case you were wondering, ESPN compiled the A&M vs SEC all-time records and it's not a pretty picture for the Aggies. And you should click this link just to see the creepy pictures of Rick Perry as an A&M student.

Of course there is one way to add A&M without unbalancing the divisions...(Warning: may be offensive if you are from that region what is north of I-10)

Missing from practice yesterday: RB Spencer Ware, OL La'el Collins, and RG Will Blackwell. Worryingly, Blackwell has missed 3 straight practices. Meanwhile FR WR Jarvis Landry has been working his way back up to speed from his foot injury over the summer.

And, as it is camp, here's MOAR BIG CAT DRILL!

Elliot Porter, former example of Les Miles oversigning "treachery" spoke to the media about coming back H/T 4.0 Point Stance

"No hard feelings at all," Porter said. "It happened the way it happened. My future is going to be very, very good. In the next couple of years you are going to see Elliott Porter. I will work hard to do this.

"I know I'm going to get back my scholarship. I know I'm going to play. Me and Coach Miles have a real good relationship. It wasn't damaged at all. I have the utmost respect for that guy."

On the other end of the spectrum, Cameron Fordham is reportedly looking at UCF and NC State as transfer locations.

Fan Day is set for Saturday from 3pm to 6pm. Perfect time to get that Cheerleaders poster.

LSU also released a page full of 360 views of all sorts of places in the campus athletic facilities.

Addicted To Quack has a very good breakdown of their O-Line, echoing the concerns we've heard from Duck fans here: They have the potential to be great, but LSU's D-Line is one helluva first test. 

Huge terrible news out of Arkansas as star RB Knile Davis was carted off the field from practice yesterday with a leg injury. Accounts of the injury are very disturbing

By far the best performance by an LSU rookie in last night's NFL preseason games was Stevan Ridleywho had 3 TDs (2 rushing, 1 passing) as the Pats demolished Jacksonville.

What's the only thing that could make Starkvegas less lame? Starkvegas IN THREEE DEEEE!

Smoking Musket compares their entire schedule to 80's movies. Without looking, guess which Rocky movie is the LSU game.

There is an excellent fanpost on TSK arguing the impossibility of the SEC making it 6 in a row.

The line on the LSU-Oregon game has moved to be a 1 point favorite for Oregon.

LSU has announced that Volleyball and Soccer games this fall are free admission all season long, an interesting move for soccer, at least, as they open a new stadium this fall. Both teams had their media days last week and are days away from their season starts. Soccer starts on the road at Memphis next Friday, while Volleyball has the first home game at LSU this year against Alcorn St. on Aug. 26th. always does a great job previewing the soccer team. Here are their takes on The Front LineThe Midfield, and The Back Line.

After a week of bad news, Men's Basketball finally saw some hope with the first 2012 class commit from John Curtis SG Malik Morgan

It was also announced that LSU's Big East/SEC Challenge game against Rutgers will be at 6pm on ESPNU on Dec 3rd, just 3 hours after the start of the SEC Championship Game.

Incoming pitcher Brent Bonvillain worked with another Louisiana prospect to throw a combined no-hitter in a college league game up in Pennsylvania. The MLB draft signing deadline is Monday at midnight and a certain 5-tool center fielder STILL hasn't signed.  

Doc Saturday is previewing the SEC this week, and his LSU preview is nothing new (Miles is crazy, Passing game is terrible, Running game needs to be great), but unlike many he's unconcerned about our defensive losses.

Spencer Hall previewed every single SEC football game this season. In other news, Spencer Hall is losing it.