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Well, more like an all-night vigil thread.

UPDATE: 11:25pm, Deadline is passed. List updated with bonus amounts.

To start, let's review who's been drafted and who's already gone.

LSU Players

4 Raph Rhymes 6-0 185 SO INF R/R (1202nd Overall to Pittsburgh, Did not sign)

8 Mikie Mahtook 6-1 196 JR OF R/R (31st Overall to Tampa Bay, Signed, 1.15 Million in bonus up front)

11 Tyler Hanover 5-6 158 JR INF R/R (1229th Overall to NY Yankees,Did not sign)

22 Matty Ott 6-1 184 JR P R/R (412th Overall to Boston, Signed)

30 Tyler Jones 6-4 205 JR P R/R (358th Overall to Minnesota, Signed)

36 Austin Nola 5-11 185 JR SS R/R (949th Overall to Toronto, Did not sign)

47 Ben Alsup 6-3 160 SR P R/R (558th Overall to Colorado, Signed)

LSU Commits

Arby Fields OF, Cypress JUCO (Transfer from Northwestern FB of the B1G) (833rd Overall to San Diego, Did not sign)

Andrew Ray INF, Northeast Texas CC (165th Overall to LA Angels, Signed)

Nick Goody RHP, 6'5", State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota. (690th Overall to NY Yankees, Did not sign)

Jake Cave LHP/OF, Hampton, VA. (209th Overall to NY Yankees, Signed, $825K bonus up front)

Cody Glenn LHP, Houston, TX (469th Overall to Toronto, Did not sign)

Trevor Story SS/RHP, Irving, TX (45th Overall to Colorado, Signed)

Johnny Eierman SS, Warsaw, MO (119th Overall to Tampa, Signed)

Aaron Nola RHP, Baton Rouge, LA (Catholic) (Austin Nola's Brother) (679th Overall to Toronto, Did not sign)

Carson Baranik RHP, Bossier City, LA (Parkway) (1255th Overall To Cincinnati, Did not sign)

All are listed with "Does not intend to sign", even the Nola Brothers, because crazy, unexpected things can and do happen at the signing deadline. 11th hour, last minute, In-line-at-orientation-and-then-disappears shenanigans have become the norm over the last few years with LSU's high profile players and commits and I expect nothing less over the next few hours.

The high flight risk guys are Cave and Glenn, with Cave almost assuredly going with the Yanks. I've been able to find nothing on Glenn's intentions. Goody has said he's committed to coming to LSU, and we've got no reason to believe otherwise (other than the aforementioned insanity) As for current roster guys, Hanover, Rhymes, and the Nola Brothers are all locks to come back.

And then there's Mahtook. Just like Anthony Ranaudo last year, it's a tough situation for all involved. Mahtook is clearly deserving of a shot at The Show and a boatload of cash, and there's not a single Tiger fan that would blame him for going. Mahtook has been on the level with LSU since day 1, and is currently on campus. He's already gotten a national championship and dozens of accolades. He was drafted lower than expected, but not by much. He's gotten his curtain call, but we'd all like him back to take another next spring. Would he come back for his senior campaign, with a revamped pitching staff and a high preseason ranking? I don't think he will, but I will cheer from the rafters if this happens.

But for now, we watch and wait. Updates through the day/night in the comments below and on our twitter feed. The Deadline is midnight Monday on the East Coast.