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Link Gumbo 8/25/11




LATE EDIT: News release from The Advocate late last night:

The East Baton Rouge Parish district attorney said he is pursuing charges against two men involved in a June 5 fight with LSU football players Zach Mettenberger and Sam Montgomery in which a loaded gun was pointed at the players.

District Attorney Hillar Moore III said charges will likely be filed against Marcus Adams, 22, and Robert Davis, 31, within the next two weeks.

Montgomery and Davis got into a fight following an argument in the parking lot of the West Campus Apartments, prompting Davis’ friend, Adams, to pull out a gun, the LSU Police incident report says.

Mettenberger tried to intervene and Adams pointed the gun at him, the report says.

So, there's that. 

The latest development in The Great Shady's Fisticuffs Caper is that last night BRPD acted on a warrant to search Jordan Jefferson's apartment and obtain a DNA sample from him. (Video of the cops taking a lot of brown bags from his apartment via campus TV) WAFB's sources say the cops were looking for shoes that match a print on one of the victims shirts. Meanwhile 1210AM posted some grainy blurry footage that supposedly is from the fight, but you can't make anything out of it.

About the same time, Les Miles had his first radio show of the season, and aside from a Marine from Virginia asking why LSU hates America and a few "Make JJ the Punter" jokes, the calls were standard fare and Miles seemed to be back in his usually upbeat mood. The show is posted after the break.

The Times-Pic is using the situation to bring up some old war stories of players from the '50's getting into dustups at a place called the Carousal Lounge across the river in Port Allen.

In other "SEC West QB has run-in with the law" news, Ole Miss' Randall Mackey was arrested for a bar fight in Oxford effectively ending the Rebels QB competition between him and WVU transfer Barry Brunettii.

The long and winding tale of former LSU commit Janzen Jackson has come to an end in Tennesse as he was kicked off the team yesterday for failing a drug test. Rumors have him headed back home to Lake Charles and McNeese St.

Oregon RB and Willie Lyles investigation subject Lache Seastrunk is transferring to Baylor. He had an odd quote in his exit interview.

Oregon's Pro Combat Uni's for the game are expected to be released today, check Addicted To Quack for coverage. Meanwhile take a gander at Maryland's new uniforms, all 16 of them.

In the latest chapter of As The Aggie Turns, last week Baylor commissioned a study that spelled doom and gloom for the state of Texas should A&M head east. The report was thoroughly debunked by analysts who see a boom for A&M and the college station community should the Aggies come on down.

Spencer Hall predicts HOLOGMANIA! for WVU in his Big East Anti-Preview.

SB Nation has launched a new team blog THAT SHOOTS BLOOD FROM IT'S EYES!

The Thoughts and Prayers of ATVS are with the Tennessee community this week on the stunning news of legendary Women's Basketball coach Pat Summitt being diagnosed with early onset dementia, which she plans to coach through for the time being.