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Link Gumbo 8/26/11

Gumbo back so soon? Why yes. Besides, Gumbo is always better on the second day.

Apologies for the sound quality, it's the best embeddable copy I could find.

While Coach Miles of course did not give any details about the cause for Russell Shepard's suspension (or rather, being made ineligible) sources have told ESPN that rather than the housing problem, It actually stems from the Willie Lyles investigation (man, that story is NEVER going to die). In fact, the housing problem appears to be a dead issue at this point. From Miles' comments in the above video, he clearly sees it as a technicality and LSU compliance is working to get him re-instated ASAP, but he could be out for even the NW St. game in week 2. 

The other big issue in the above video is the classic Les Miles non-answer about if Jefferson is still the starting QB, but as you'll see below, that story keeps getting more convoluted by the minute.

The Great Shady's Fisticuffs Caper has officially entered he-said/she-said status as Shady's employee's have now weighed in, telling the AP that not only did victim Andrew Lowery throw the first punch, but that Jefferson was "standing by himself and looking upset while the fight was still taking place." The Shady's employee's say they have not been interviewed by police and that they have further video footage of the inside of Shady's that shows Mr. Lowery's now well known romantic skills before the fight as he harassed an unidentified woman to the point of being escorted out of the bar. While not enough to clear anyone of wrongdoing, the account certainly paints a different picture of the event.

Kinda hidden in all that yesterday was the announcement that Les Miles' contract has finally been prepared for the Board of Sups. Miles' contract will run through December 2017 and his buyout has been raised to an eye-popping $18.7 million dollars. His contract, along with Trent Johnson, Steve Kragthorpe, and new Softball coach Beth Torina will be brought before the board next week.

Will you read an interview with LSU Cheerleader Captain Chelsea Hebert? Of course you will.

Football Study Hall has a fascinating collection of charts detailing the performance of all SEC teams since the 1960's. The read is worth it for Ole Miss' chart alone.

Meanwhile, that crash in the closet you heard out west was the Aggies officially notifying the BX that they'd like to see other people. At the current pace, there is still a good chance the Aggies announce a move early next month, which could set off a wave of realignment.

Oregon's Uni's are out. To me they look like stealth bombers....that have been tagged in neon green spray paint. (Checkout Boise's stormtrooper getup for the UGA game while you're at it.)

In local news, the long arm of the Florida Gators has finally caught up with St Amant High.

As you probably noticed from the images that replaced the lovely woman from Victoria's Secret yesterday, SB Nation, and by extension AndTheValleyShook, has a new free iPhone app that will make reading and commenting on the site while away from your desk a much better experience.

As if I haven't done enough to get the pageviews this morning, after the break is Les Miles' interview with Erin Andrews about the TV commercial that was released yesterday.