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LSU Reports for Fall Practice, May Be Over Scholarship Limit



There's enough news here on the day the team reports for an update. First, the injuries


Josh Dworaczyk - Out Thursday (Kneee)

Josh Williford - Out Thursday (probably the rest of the week, deaths in the family)

Jarvis Landry - Out 2-3 weeks (Foot)


And now for the scholarship count. First up is the loss of WR Alonzo Lewis. He apparently did not qualify and will head for a JUCO, with Coach Miles adding that LSU would keep an eye on him. Then, eagle-eyed Saturday Night Slant noticed that Chris Tolliver, DB Ryan St. Julien and RB Kellen Theriot are all missing from the Roster (which is being updated through the day as players take physicals). Tolliver is no surprise as he told a paper in Monroe a few weeks back that LSU would not allow him to continue due to his repeated concussions. Theriot and St. Julien were both attrition candidates when Paul took a look at our scholarship count last month. Those losses put us right at 85 scholarship players by our count, with no room for FR DL Mickey Johnson, who hasn't yet passed the NCAA clearing house. Remember that the NCAA said our self-imposed count of 83 last year for the DJ McCarthy violation was satisfactory punishment, so we will have the full 85 scholarship limit. 


Other Items of note from the Press Conference (after the break)

  • Russell Shepard will NOT be missing any practice until further notice
  • Players will be moved around practice squads as needed, so don't read too much into the early practice reports
  • We are playing Towson at home in 2012 to fill out the 4 September game Home slate. The reaction to finding out we are playing Towson is classic Les Miles.