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Link Gumbo 8/30/11

It's a little rusty folks, but that's why we practice!


Over the weekend, former Tiger Cheerleader and current Asst. Cheer coach Chico Garcia was paralyzed in a boating accident near St Amant. His recovery is slow, though doctor's say he is regaining sensation in his limbs. His family has setup a page where you can send well wishes to the coach and LSU has helped setup a charity auction of 4 tickets to the game in Dallas to help offset medical expenses. Get Well, Chico! 

The mess with Jefferson and Johns hitting on Friday allowed for the local press to react over the weekend, including one man who believes Miles wasn't upset enough at Jefferson. LSU itself, through comments by Chancellor Martin, has been pretty vocal in support of waiting for the legal issues to play out before passing judgement. Even Billy Cannon decided to find a TV camera to voice his opinion on the situation. Which leads to the news that Jefferson's attorney will at some point today ask Coach Miles for his reinstatement

Chancellor Martin has also given out the first official throwdown on Oregon, telling the KLSU's Rev Weekend on Sunday "I'd pull for North Korea against the Oregon Ducks."

I'm stil waiting for an official depth chart to come out from LSUUPDATE: LSU did not release a depth chart to the media this week. A few players sat for interviews after the press conference yesterday where they expressed their want to move on and get focused on Oregon. I've included the videos after the break.

It was kinda under the radar, but the contracts for Les Miles, AD Joe Alleva, and MBB Head Coach Trent Johnson were all approved by the board on Friday. Miles's new contract ups the buy out to a hefty $18.7 million, Alleva's is a pay bump for his flirtation with Tennessee, and Johnson's is simply extended a year to 2015. No word on the contracts for Steve Kragthorpe or softball coach Beth Torina.

Our BlogBros at Addicted To Quack have begun their LSU preview in earnest and pass along news that they will be starting Hroniss Grasu at C, a RS Fr who hasn't played a down in college. I think The Chief just got a few new ideas...

Tulane coach Bob Toledo is pulling for LSU this weekend, which upsets the Tulane fans out there. All 8 of them.

After a great bit defending Miles's actions last week, former Advoc reporter Carl Dubois is back with a piece that basically unloads every LSU cliche' you've ever heard into a few paragraphs. Seriously, we could use the list to make a bingo chart for national columnist pieces on LSU.

Speaking of former residents in new locals, Gary Crowton, in a lengthy interview with The Baltimore Sun, passed the blame for his performance, saying ""No, it wasn't my offense" at LSU and that it would be unfair to make assessments based solely on those four years." I can hardly blame him from distancing himself from the last few years' results, but I think History is on our side here. When asked for comment yesterday, we got a classic Les Miles answer: "It's always been LSU's offense. I think he's correct"

Our longtime goal of being your #1 source of LSU Hockey news has been reached as we now break the story that due to being unable to field a team, the club has folded for the year and has withdrawn from competition in the SECHC

It would appear that As The Aggie Turns has entered sweeps week as the BX has sent A&M notice of the official termination procedures and a mutual waiver of legal claims that would stop the divorce from getting messy. Speculation is that A&M could send official resignation notice as early as today, with the SEC rumored to announce their addition to the conference as early as Thursday. EDIT: The New York TImes reports that A&M has sent a letter of withdrawal and will officially announce the move later today.

Spencer Hall's Anti-Previews continue with the BX, where he predicts our future conference mate's season hinges on the entry exam against Arkansas in the JerrahDome.


This story about Saban yelling at Muschamp's mother due to a problem with a fax is so Saban it hurts.

QB Jarrett Lee

RB Spencer Ware


WR Ruben Randle