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OC Steve Kragthorpe Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease


Still trying to process this. For now, here are the details
  • Kragthorpe first noticed symptoms during summer camp
  • While being news to us, the staff was informed about 2 weeks ago, at which point it was decided that OL coach Greg Studrawa would become the OC. The players were informed yesterday during team meetings.
  • Kragthorpe will stay on as QB coach for as long as he is able, " I hope for the next 8 to 12 years I can still be here coaching the QBs."
  • Final decision on play-calling will rest with Studrawa (and, obviously, Miles), though Kragthorpe will be involved in the huddle in every play.
  • Coach Stud isn't walking into the role without experience. He was the OC of some highly ranked squads at Bowling Green from 03-06


There are questions that need answering, namely why Coach Stud over Billy Gonzales, but for now let's all say a prayer for the Kragthorpe family. Kragthorpe is returning to the coaching world this season after walking away from a job at Texas A&M to be with his wife as she recovered from treatment for MS. As Miles reminds us:

It's not all about the game. It's about who you share it with.