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Link Gumbo 8/5/11



There isn't much in the way of reaction to the Kragthorpe news at this time that we haven't already covered (though I'm sure there is something in the morning papers) so we'll move right along to practice.

Josh Dworaczyk did practice after all in the non-contact practice being run Thursday morning, subbing with T-Bob at LG. The Freshmen who got to work with the vets were Odell Beckham Jr. and Freak Johnson.

In the afternoon, the newcomers worked out indoors. Mettenberger and Rivers both need some work on throwing when moving in the pocket (and Rivers is a bit of a string bean, apparently).

The surprise in the afternoon came when JaMarcus Russell showed up to observe practice and inform the staff that he is enrolling back at LSU this fall.

Patrick Peterson has stared taking some reps at Punt Return in Cardinals camp.

While it's got WAAAY too many references to that other, inferior death valley, Football Study Hall has an excellent fact for your next debate: Since 2005, LSU and Oregon have the best winning % in D-1A (.714) in close games (decided by less than eight points), and LSU has played in 35 of them, more than any other Top 20 team.

Here's another great stat: In 2010, LSU started over 24% of it's drives in opponents territory

Not to rag too hard on the folks from the Big East, but if your best argument for why your conference will survive the coming expansion apocalypse is a Captain and Tenille song (and a pile of as-of-now non-existant TV money), you're pretty much hosed. 

Speaking of the Big East, WVU was picked to win their conference by the media by a large margin. And their media guide is up for viewing as well.

Smart Football has an excellent review of Mike Leach's new book, in which the pirate captain reveals his favorite game while working at UK, the 1998 game at LSU where we got lit up by Tim Couch.

The Baltimore Sun caught up with Colt All-Pro and LSU All-American DT Fred Miller, who is spending his retirement on his farm in Maryland tending to his wife and college sweetheart who has scoliosis.

Here's some great analysis by Kendall Rodgers over at Perfect Game of the new RPI formula for college baseball. The NCAA has taken the liberty of running this past season through the new RPI formula to show the difference (PDF Link) and there are some surprises. LSU's only dropped 2 places while Tulane's and McNesse St.'s plumetted more than 20 spots. The team worst hit was Tennessee, who dropped 32 places and the biggest gainer (in an RPI change meant to benefit northern road teams) was... SWAC champ Alcorn St. who skyrocketed 41 places.

P Tyler Jones signed with Twins as expected, for just over $100K. It's worth noting that we are 10 days from the MLB signing deadline and a certain 5-tool center fielder still hasn't come to terms with the Rays... 

Men's Basketball will open the Charleston Classic against Northwestern, in a tourney none of us will watch because it's on the Ole Miss game weekend.