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Initial Impressions -- LSU 49, Northwestern St. 3

Well, that's that.

LSU did exactly what a good team is supposed to do -- blew the doors off of an inferior opponent without breaking a sweat, and got playing time for the backups as early as the third quarter.  It's hard to say that any part of this game was even slightly interesting.

Northwestern St. showed up and cashed a check.  LSU got an easy win, and built some much needed confidence for Jarrett Lee as well as some additional swagger to the defense that really doesn't need any more reasons to think they are awesome.

This game was such a blowout that Alfred Blue had more carries than any other running back.  Miles went to the bench early as this game was over quite early.  Hell, we didn't even have the cursory "will LSU's defense pitch a shutout?" interest, as the Demons kicked an early field goal.

We can't draw any conclusions from this game other than LSU is much better than a regional college.  And well they should be.  Everyone looked good, but that had a lot to do with playing an opponent that was essentially the JV squad.  I don't begrudge a team an easy win early in the year as a tune up for the season, but after the Oregon game last week, this was a bit of a letdown.

LSU won.  Let's move on quickly and never discuss this game again.