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Link Gumbo 9/12/11 - "GEAUX BLUE!"



6:40 mark: Once a Michigan Man, Always a Michigan Man

It's a quick turnaround this week as LSU faces Moo U in a Thursday night Starkvegas special. Be sure to check out For Whom the Cowbell Tolls for coverage of the Fightin' Articfical Noisemakers. Also, be aware that it will be officially announced today that Miss. St. is pulling that "WhiteOut" nonsense again this year, so LSU will have to stick with purple again on the road.

Important news first: LB Ryan Baker's suspension was for the nebulous "violation of team rules" and was only for the NSU game. Brad Wing was held out later in the game because he was "nicked" and was later seen with his kicking foot in a boot, but he should be fine for the next game. Jarrett Lee, who looked a little gimpy after his sack in the 1st quarter, was also fine according to Miles and the QB. There are no other holdouts for this week, other than the ongoing suspensions for Jordan Jefferson, Josh Johns, and Russell Shepard.

LSU held NSU to -4 yards rushing, the first time LSU has done that to any team since they held Ole Miss to -50 yards in '82.

If you missed the game (or were too cheap to pay for TigerVision) the full replay is available for a brief time on the service.

As Les mentioned above, it wasn't a bad night to be a Michigan Man

Auburn may have pulled the victory against Miss. St. this weekend, but one of their 73 mascots lost some dignity in the process.

Press Meeting at Lunchtime today, Coach's radio show is moved up to Tuesday night this week.

After the break, Post-game player interviews and Shaq's post-unveiling press conference from last week



WR Rueben Randle


QB Jarrett Lee


QB Zach Mettenberger


CB Mo Claiborne


Shaq Press Conference