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Monday Press Lunch: Week 3 @ Miss St.


The big news from late in the press conference is that OG Josh Dworaczyk is likely out for the year and LSU will be petitioning the NCAA for a 6th year medical redshirt for him. As expected, the plan is Jarrett Lee all the way. Choosing between Ware and Ford is merely a matter of who has the "hot hand" at the time. Miles was impressed with the work by the LB backups filling in for the suspended Ryan Baker. Miles would like a Thursday night game at LSU, but understands it is unlikely due to the needs of tailgaters. Miles is the best coach out there about giving great answers to softball questions and does admirably with the question about teaching the alma mater to Mettenberger and other new members of the team. 


SEC Release [PDF]

LSU Release [PDF]

MSU Release [PDF] - Football No. 3 in AP, Coaches' Poll After Blowout - Six Day selection window exercised by ABC for LSU @ WVU

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls - State Hangs In At #25 In AP Poll; LT Carmon And C Saulsberry Knee Injuries Won't Require Surgery


Depth Chart (no change from last week), player interviews, and Dan Mullen's press briefing after the break.



Mississippi State Head Coach Dan Mullen, in which Coach Mullen believes LSU could win the NFC East.




DT Michael Brockers



WR Rueben Randle



RB Michael Ford