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Link Gumbo 9/14/11

Last night's radio show was again a relaxed affair, with the usual questions about which freshmen could see playing time this year and a grass joke or two thrown in for good measure.

LSU has announced that they will in fact be wearing white at Miss. St., who will be doing a white out

With nothing but preparation for Miss St. going on, it's been a bit slow news wise, except for the big surprise of Mo Isom, LSU's highly decorated senior goalkeeper, last seen by many of you scoring a 90-yard goal back in 2008, seen practicing kickoffs and field goals in the indoor facility yesterday, ostensibly with the idea of trying out for next year's team in the spring. While she would not be the first woman to play D-1A football, in a Les Miles system it's not hard to imagine that if she made the team, she could become the first to gain rushing yards.

The Jordan Jefferson investigation just keeps dragging on, as the cops have now returned 33 of 49 pairs of shoes shoes and "victim" Andrew Lowery continues to prove himself to be a model citizen. The BRPD has now spent 27 days investigating a bar fight. 

With the addition of Florida OT Patrick Miller, LSU now stands at 19 commits for next year's class. Saturday Night Slant has a good breakdown of the class as it stands now and who remains as LSU targets.

Opinions on the new Nike duds released yesterday have been mostly positive, with the gloves being the big eye-catcher (get it?) 

Unexpectedly, there was an important college baseball story that came out yesterday. Nike has released all schools that it had equipment contracts with so that they may use other brand bats next season. This affects SEC teams Bama, UK, UGA, and big national programs like Southern Cal and UNC. This comes after a Tuscaloosa News investigation found that even with the change to BBCOR bats, Nike teams were performing significantly worse than others. (LSU is switching it's equipment/bat contract from Easton to Wilson/DeMarini this season with no reason given)

SB Nation's college football weeklies are always worth your time. Here are this week's LettersNumbersSchadenfreude, and the SEC's performance rating.

We are no longer the only ones making the Odell Beckham/ODB reference.

While Y.A. Tittle may be disappointed at the state of today's superstar NFL QB's, I doubt it would bring him to tears, son

This is just disturbing.

As The Aggie Turns took a big step towards reality this week as Commish Mike Slive himself spoke in no uncertain terms about A&M's addition to the SEC being a matter of "when" not if, and that the SEC has progressed in their planning to the point of working them into next year's schedules. Meanwhile, all hell is breaking loose in what remains of the BX as Okie and Okie St. take serious looks at the PAC, and Texas considers joining...the ACC!?

There was an interesting editorial in the Vandy student paper last week that theorized about Vandy's strategy of essentially playing moneyball with their revenue share to keep the rest of the league happy. It also advocates committing SMU levels of recruiting violations if it means getting an SEC championship.


Prayers go out to the family of Terry Belle (the younger brother of Albert Belle), a Shreveport native and outfielder for the 1986 team that went to LSU's first ever CWS, who died in a car accident over the weekend.