Jordan Jefferson Produces 25 Witnesses; BRPD Stuck on One

East Baton Rouge Parish - In a motion filed today with the 19th Judicial District Court, Attorney's for Jordan Jefferson—suspended senior quarterback for the no.3 LSU Tigers—assert that twenty five persons, yes TWENTY FIVE, have provided affidavit (sworn) testimony that Jordan Jefferson did not punch, kick or touch anyone in the August 19, 2011 bar fight outside of Shady’s Lounge, that led to his arrest and subsequent suspension from the LSU Football Team.

The witnesses range from by standers, club employees and alleged participants in the melee as well as fellow football players, at least one of whom was attacked—without provocation—by the self-proclaimed victim, Andrew Lowery, and probable instigator of the fracas.

Jordan has maintained his innocence from the beginning, telling his father, John Jefferson—who was contacted by a staff member from LSU Head Les Miles’ office—he had nothing to do with the fight, he knew better and had too much to lose.  He went on to say he tried to get some of his guys out of it and then left.

According to TWENTY FIVE people who witnessed to events, that’s exactly what happened.

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